Student Area : High School

High school students acting together in drama class



Drama - Eels/ Ursula (Dance/Drama room wall open)

Music - Sebastian (Bryce) (Private Lesson Room)


Music - Ariel (Johnny) (Music Room)


Music - Ursula (Johnny) (Music Room)

Dance - Ariel and Prince Eric - One Step Closer (Multipurpose room)

3:30-3:40  - Color groups meet for prayer (Teachers connect with groups)


Dance - Under The Sea Reprise (Dance Room) (If not in reprise - help by singing song)

Drama - Ariel and King Triton (Send one Ariel at a time to costume) (Drama Room)

Music - Mersisters - Daughter's of Triton/ She’s in Love (Multipurpose Room)

Music - Ursula and Eels - Daddy’s Little Angel Reprise  (Music room)

Scuttle working on their own


Dance- Les Poissons (Reprise) Chef Louis, Chefs, Maids Sebastian (Dance Room)

Music -Kiss the Girl - Seagulls and Scuttle  (Music Room)

Drama - King Triton, Mersisters, Flounder, Prince Eric, Ariel - Ariels Transformation  

Drama -Ursula and Eels (Drama Room)

4:50- 5:30

Dance- Mersisters - Daughters of Triton (Multipurpose Room)

Music  - Fathoms Below and The Storm (Flounder/King Triton could be offstage voices)  (Bryce) (Music Room)

Music - The Contest  (Johnny) (Private Lesson Room)

Drama/Dance - Maids and Ariel - Beyond My Wildest Dreams (Drama Room)

Drama - Ursula and Eels - (Dance  Room)

Seagulls and Scuttle in the lobby running lines/dance portions - on their own


Dance- Scuttle and Gulls and Ariel (switching w music) - Positaggity (Dance Room)

Drama - King Triton, Sebastian, Flounder, Sea Creatures, Mersisters - Running Where’s Ariel (Drama Room)

Drama - Eels and Ursula (Multipurpose Room) (Caroline )

Music - Maids  - Beyond My Wildest Dreams (Johnny) (Music Room)

Music - Eric - Her Voice (Bryce) (Private Lesson Room)


Music-  After Under The Sea  (Drama Room)

Drama - Eels and Ursula ( Dance Room) (Caroline )

Drama- Finale - Grimsby, Triton, Prince Eric, Ariel, Mersisters - Finale ( Multipurpose Room)


Music - All who can record BGV's for After Under the Sea

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